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Bluehost has always shown a character of trustworthiness. For numerous times they have gone out of their way just to address their clients concerns. This is what has kept the company in the market for too long. Bluehost is sensitive to what the people need. And with today’s economic situation where almost all prices are skyrocketing, the company is offering a Bluehost Coupon. This gives special discount rate of $3.95 per month if you sign up today. With this price you get to avail of the services of a reliable web host provider.

What good is a website when users cannot access it all the time? With Bluehost you are assured of 99.9% uptime rate. Several tests have been conducted by independent monitoring companies and each one came back with good ratings about Bluehost uptime. There may be instances that they experience downtimes but these are so small that they are hardly noticeable. Aside from this, Bluehost downtimes are so minimal as compared to other web host providers. These results are even backed up by real time monitoring that you can check from web host monitoring websites. You will see for yourself that Bluehost doesn’t shy away from their target of 99.9%.    

Furthermore, providing an uptime rate of 99.9% for more than a million site everyday and thousands of additional websites every month is such a feat, especially when web hosting is also affected by a lot of factors such as internet connections, human interventions and others.

But Bluehost doesn’t stop here, for their Bluehost coupon offer of $3.95 you get to enjoy your own domain name for free. Domain names are so important in establishing your own brand in the internet especially if you are running an online business. The implication of doing your activities under your own name or brand cannot be over emphasized.  As you move along each ladder of success, you leave traces for your clients to search for you as repeat customers.  Simply put, you start building a personality for your own name.

By having a one of a kind name for your website you are assured that your target market are aware of the services and products that you offer. The name is like your own identity in the internet. With Bluehost you get to have all the help that you need in setting up one if you are a first timer. Even if you are transferring from another web host provider, Bluehost will surely lend a helping hand during the transferring process.